23rd ACOH 2023

Asian Congress on Occupational Health

Visa Information

Visa Information

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You may visit the following website in order to check if you are either from a visa-required, or visa-waiver country.

For delegates who need a visa, please visit this website to get information on how to apply for it

If you need a Visa Supporting Letter, kindly follow these steps:
① Register for the congress and ensure that all registration fees have been paid.
② Complete the docx below and return it to us via email (acoh2023@gmail.com) or use the provided Google Form.

Once we receive your request, we will promptly send you the Visa Supporting Letter.

K-ETA Information

For delegates who do not need to apply for a visa must apply for K-ETA (Korea Electronics Travel Permit). Travelers from all visa-free countries are now required to apply for a new Korean ETA before traveling to Korea. You have to apply for K-ETA 72 hours before departure and get approval. Please apply for K-ETA at least one week before the scheduled departure date. It costs 10,000 won and the process is completely online. It is valid for two years and can be used many times.

Here is the website that provides you further information on South Korean ETA application.


For delegates to enter South Korea, you may be required to have Q-code. It is a South Korea QR code that holds all your vaccination information needed for entry. It helps shorten the time for quarantine inspection for foreign travelers entering the country. QR code issuance must be completed before boarding the plane. If you need to modify your quarantine information, you can start from the beginning and receive a new QR code. When boarding, please submit the issued Q code to the airline staff and quarantine officer when entering the quarantine information. The validity of the input Q-code expires upon completion of the immigration process.

Here’s the guide for the Q-Code Input System and its use.